Friday, December 19, 2008

Fall Semester Recap

Wow, this has been a wild ride. The semester has flown by, and possibly been one of the busiest yet.

Some notable aspects of these past 4 months that I hope to cover in posts to come:
  • Out of all my classes, I didn't have any finals.
  • Out of all my classes, three of them took the last month off to work on large projects
  • I had five juries
  • I wore a unit plan on composing electronic music that I hope to revise and see used with a friend who is teaching in the Fargo public schools
  • I changed how I work
  • I stopped sitting at "The Couches"
  • I have become a better recording engineer
What I'm planning on doing this Christmas break:
  • Do lots of cross-country skiing
  • Spend time with my brothers
  • Write music
  • Blog
  • RELAX!!!
And I have these coming at me this next semester:
  • Becoming a better studio engineer
  • My first academic course (in the traditional sense) since perhaps freshman year
  • A semester of percussion lessons to reinforce and expand what I learned in my percussion methods class
  • The last semester for many of my very good friends; I'll miss them more than I can say
In the mean time, it's time to get a late lunch and do some of that relaxing I was talking about.
Merry Christmas,

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